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699 €+ 50€/month


Time to talk about your app:

In the price is not included the Apple and Android id’s. You have to send to us to configure the publication process.

We transform any website into app

We have a unique and powerful technology that can transform any website to amazings apps. 


What is included in this price?

In every project we will create a mobile home, with a specific design for your branding.

At the same time we will add custom mobile navigation and also we will optimize the mobile adaption of your contents.

If you need develop specific functionalities, that you don't have in your web, please ask for the price.

  • Mobile Home

    We will design a mobile cover for your app to say welcome your users and distribute better the content.

  • Custom navigation

    We will create a custom navigation menus in order to sort the content.

  • Custom Mobile Design App

    We will adapt the design of your brand and website to your mobile app.

  • A control panel for your app

    In this control panel you will have fully control of your app.

  • Push notification service

    You can send any number of push notifications to your users using a custom control panel for your push. Geolocalization is included.

  • Mobile analytics

    You can control what happens with your mobile app following the real analtics.

  • Create the app

    We will connect your app and your website in order to create a connected app.

  • App Store Publication

    We will Publish your app into Apple Store. You have to provide us the Apple developer id.

  • Google Play Publication

    We will Publish your app into Google Play market. You have to provide us the Android developer id.

  • Your mobile app 699 €

    if you don't have a mobile app, it's because you don't want to have it

  • Licence and technical maintenance50€/month

    For correct operation during your contract we include the technical maintenance service and in the same fee we add the King of App license. This minimum service will have a minimum contract of 12 months when contracting the app.

En el precio no está incluido el ID de Apple y Android. Tienes que enviarnos un mensaje para configurar el proceso de publicación.

En el precio de mantenimiento esta incluido la licencia y los servicios de la plataforma King of App.


Si se solicita el pago 50% al inicio, 50% al finalizar el proyecto, el precio final será 899 euros por el servicio.

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