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Time to talk about your app:

In the price is not included the Apple and Android id’s. You have to send to us to configure the publication process.

We transform any website into app

We have a unique and powerful technology that can transform any website to amazings apps. 


What is included in this price?

In every project we will create a mobile home, with a specific design for your branding.

At the same time we will add custom mobile navigation and also we will optimize the mobile adaption of your contents.

If you need develop specific functionalities, that you don't have in your web, please ask for the price.

  • Mobile Home

    We will design a mobile cover for your app to say welcome your users and distribute better the content.

  • Custom navigation

    We will create a custom navigation menus in order to sort the content.

  • Custom Mobile Design App

    We will adapt the design of your brand and website to your mobile app.

  • A control panel for your app

    In this control panel you will have fully control of your app.

  • Push notification service

    You can send any number of push notifications to your users using a custom control panel for your push. Geolocalization is included.

  • Mobile analytics

    You can control what happens with your mobile app following the real analtics.

  • Create the app

    We will connect your app and your website in order to create a connected app.

  • App Store Publication

    We will Publish your app into Apple Store. You have to provide us the Apple developer id.

  • Google Play Publication

    We will Publish your app into Google Play market. You have to provide us the Android developer id.

  • Your mobile app 599 €

    if you don't have a mobile app, it's because you don't want to have it

Some examples than you can try:

1. King of App

Our app uses modules that connect it with WordPress and you will find an onboarding. It is an app designed to show you 5 apps in one, an example, you can see complex navigations, combining different menus and at the same time you will also see complex views.


Enjoy the Athletics results and news with the International Association Athletics App. With real-time time results and timetable function. This app uses a Drupal integration.

3. Festa Major de la Seu d'Urgell

The party of this town is ready to start. This small city from Catalonia, enjoys the last 5 years his low cost app to know all the activities from his local party. This app uses the WordPress and Social Media plugins.

4. Arènes du Mont de Marsan

Events apps are so useful. In the south of France, in the town called Mont-de-Marsan have his Arena to enjoy  the bulfight show. This app uses the WordPress and Multi-language System modules. French and Spanish.

5. Docendo

Docendo Company is a large franchise after school studying in Spain that use programs ERP connection to show in the app real time Payments, and communication tools between fathers and school. To access in the login section use this credentials. User: app / Pass: app

6. fifa 18 GUIDE

All the tips and tricks to play to FIFA 18. Discover the best players and the best tactics. All the conte


Follow your team in the world cup. Live scores, live highlights, Multi-language system and all the content is provided using the WordPress official API. 

Time to talk about your app:

In the price is not included the Apple and Android id’s. You have to send to us to configure the publication process.

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